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Document Management and Workflow Solutions

We’ll help you create a direct, effortless connection to the documents you need at the moment you need them. With our workflow solutions to capture, file, share and store documents more efficiently, you can streamline and improve document intensive processes by effectively distributing information that is needed across your organization. Our collaboration solutions can help you create powerful print communication and electronic documents for cross-channel messaging while integrating with existing workflow processes. Contact us for a free consultation.

Work Securely

Let us pinpoint your document and device vulnerability and provide you with a detailed security plan which involves securing the device, device access, and the document.

Device Security

The Office Works offers the highest level of document security for you multifunctional copiers to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data. Most Toshiba MFPs come standard with Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) technology that allows sensitive user data to be securely erased when a system is powered-down or when a SED Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is removed from the system. In addition, the disk is automatically cleared immediately after the device is done using information after every job, preventing the data from being recovered by unauthorized users. This Toshiba-exclusive design utilizes the 256 Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and is FIPS 140-2 (Federal Information Processing Standards) certified, while the standard data overwrite kit meets Department of Defense requirements. Because MFPs and network printers function as complex network devices, we have developed several solutions that specifically address network security. IPv6 ensures IP security with a larger IP address range, protection from scanning and attacks, and support for authentication and confidentiality as part of our optional IPsec. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) employs encryption technology to protect all data traveling to and from the MFP, while IP Filtering acts like a firewall to protect your internal network from intruders. Also, SMB Signing adds a digital signature to verify that data is received from authenticated sources and ensures the integrity of all communications.

Document Security

Security is a top priority at Toshiba. That’s why we protect critical data with exceptional, yet standard, security features. For instance, Private Print requires a secure password at the MFP control panel before printing. Multi-station Print requires the user to swipe a badge at any approved, convenient device to permit printing. Security Stamp adds a classified stamp to all documents copied or printed, providing traceability. In addition, many Toshiba MFPs contain electronic audit logs for each print, copy, scan and fax job sent to or from the MFP.

Access Security

Toshiba has developed simple yet highly effective methods of establishing access security without inconveniencing users. Network Authentication allows administrators to control access at the device in the same way it’s controlled from the desktop. Department Codes provide valuable data tracking and usage information, giving authorized users full functionality at the device. Usage Limitations enable administrators to set limits for copy and print jobs, as well as track and control costs. Strong Passwords utilizes a ten-digit alphanumeric administrative password for added protection along with a log-on attempt limitation. To streamline the user login process, our SmartCard Authentication requires the simple swipe of a card while allowing limited user access to specific features and functions.

Document Delivery

Documents are delivered through an ever-increasing number of channels including print, web, social networks, text messaging and RSS. Toshiba’s portfolio of Document Delivery software provides the necessary tools to transform documents from legacy print streams for output on Toshiba MFPs, while simultaneously delivering documents through other channels.  The portfolio includes tools that allow end-users to build and output personalized print, to production grade tools that are enterprise capable.

The Toshiba Document Delivery Portfolio comprises:

Prism DocForm
Prism DocSystem
Prism DocTransform
Prism deskSystem
Prism deskForm

Document Management

Today information is created and dispersed at astonishing speeds.  Documents – both paper and electronic – are part of this information explosion. Toshiba’s portfolio of personal, SMB and Enterprise Document Management software provides the capability to manage, share and secure paper, electronic and digital documents. You will be able to control costs, increase efficiencies, and better communicate while reducing risk and helping to meet higher standards of compliance and business continuity.

The Toshiba Document Management Portfolio comprises:

Drivve | DM

Document Capture

Multifunction Devices and Scanners are increasingly becoming ‘On-Ramps’ for documents both to your organizations network and the broader public internet. Toshiba’s portfolio of Capture Software provides the capacity to intelligently route documents  to servers, email and collaboration tools and more significantly capture the contents of the documents into ECM (Enterprise Content Management), EDM (Enterprise Document Management) solutions and into a broad array of Business Applications.

The Toshiba Document Capture Portfolio comprises:

e-BRIDGE Open Platform Exchange Connector
e-BRIDGE Open Platform Sharepoint Connector
Drivve | Image