CloudConnect – A Revolutionary Tool

Ensure Smooth Operation and Peak Performance of your Toshiba Products

Toshiba has been providing innovative business solutions for over 135 years. It is our commitment to excellence that drives us to invest more than 6% of our annual sales into research and development so that we can deliver reliable products and a level of service that is unmatched in the industry.

Toshiba e-BRIDGE CloudConnect is an innovative cloud-based application that allows for remote management to your Toshiba e-STUDIO products* ensuring maximum uptime. Designed by Toshiba, this proprietary tool gathers valuable data from your devices, providing an in depth understanding of performance via the Cloud. Downtime is minimized by real-time technical alerts and warnings allowing for proactive troubleshooting as well as secure performance of various device operations such as meter reads and firmware updates remotely.

Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind

e-BRIDGE CloudConnect works behind the scenes to ensure your Toshiba products are giving you the most for your money. Natively built into all new Toshiba e-STUDIO products and available as a firmware update on most existing models, e-BRIDGE CloudConnect is simple to implement allowing you to quickly reap the benefits. By gathering data and transmitting via the Cloud, e-BRIDGE CloudConnect ensures improved management and faster response time.

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